When I decided to move to a new neighborhood a few months ago, I found the perfect house. It had all the room I needed, plus there was a dog door leading to a fenced backyard for my Irish setter, Lucy. It took her no time at all to figure out how her door worked, and I was able to stay at work late because I knew she could get outside. It seemed to be the perfect solution until she disappeared one night a few weeks after we moved in.

I combed the neighborhood for hours, calling her name and hoping I’d find her. She reappeared in the morning, so I thought I had simply missed her in the bushes at the edge of the yard. She disappeared again a few days later, and this time I thoroughly searched the yard to find the hole she had dug under the fence. After a few days, she reappeared wearing a bright new collar that had the name Lillian written on it along with a phone number.

I called the number, and asked the woman if she was missing her dog. She described my dog perfectly, so I invited her over. When she arrived, Lucy greeted her like a long lost friend. I was heartbroken to think I had lost my dog, but Lillian understood the situation. It turns out she is a nice woman, about my age, and she says she isn’t really prepared to keep a dog.

We have decided it would be nice to share Lucy, so we’ve made arrangements to meet over the weekend and discuss the best way to work out a schedule. I’m really looking forward to meeting with her again, and I hope we can work out a plan that will let both of us enjoy our favorite dog.